Fabrica De Arte

We arrived back in Havana (in the town of Vedado again). The airbnb here was creme de la creme. We each had our own room and bathroom, it was pretty lit lol. We explored the town, got connected to some wifi, ate at this bomb ass restaurant on the malecon called Tablazo. We made friends with one of the waiters who spoke great english (we were always making friends) and he told us to go to Fábrica de Arte Cubano that night, even tho it was already on our list of things-to-do.

BRUH! When I tell you that my mind was blown after walking into this place (and after standing in the line for 90 minutes, though it was well worth the wait). I’m so so glad Krystal added this in the itinerary because I was in heaven ya’ll! It far exceeded my expectations of a nightclub. I had heard things about it, but I just thought we were going to see some pictures on the wall or something real basic. LOL NOPE. There were levels on levels of art exhibited all throughout this warehouse-turned-nightclub-turned-restaurant-turned-movie theater-turned-omg wtf are u doing to me God?! This tew muchhhh. I was so inspired, and am still inspired as I look back on the pictures and videos from that night. I hope to see a place like this constructed in western NY. We need it.

Giving back to Trinidad

There were no real highlights for our last day spent in Trinidad. We went to the beach at Playa Ancon and attempted Casa De La Musica once again. It wasn’t what we were expecting and we were exhausted, so we left early to prepare for our 4 hour ride back to Havana the next day. 

Prior to our trip, we had decided as a collective that we were going to purchase mini gifts and toiletries for the less fortunate children and families of Cuba. We ended up giving these gift bags to our host so that she could distribute them out to the families in need at the local church. We just felt in our hearts that the city of Trinidad needed it more than Havana. 

To sum it up, the city of Trinidad, Cuba will forever have my heart. Aside from it being the most humbling experience, it was the most familial. There seemed to be no troubles here, no hate; everyone was extremely neighborly and welcoming. Everyone in this little town seemed to know each other, hell even the dogs roamed free throughout the day before returning to their rightful owners at night. The people of Trinidad have pride in who they are and they cope with whatever life throws at them with whatever resources they’re given because they have to. The lights went out in the whole town and it didn’t phase them. They turned on their flashlights and radios and simply embraced what was. 

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